9 thoughts on “TimeTrack widget for Basecamp released”

  1. This looks really promising, I'm testing it out now.

    Have you considered adding an idle time feature? It's tough to find apps that have one and I've found it to be invaluable in the past.

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  2. Hey Ed,

    Yes, I've thought about it but havn't decided on how it should work. Could you mail me an example of the apps you've found?

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  3. Hi Seph,

    You might be interested in Sundial, a Basecamp time tracking widget I wrote in late 2006. It doesn't include a timer, but otherwise does some of the same functions. The company I wrote it for has since closed shop, so I provide a download link from my site: http://hurl.ws/3uni

    Nice work!

  4. Hey Andrew

    Thank you for the comment – I checked it out several times, but the widget does not work seem to be working with Leopard. Since the project was abondoned and I could not find heads or tails in the source I decided to create a new freeware version that everyone could enjoy. The source is publicly available at bitbucket so if you'd like to contribute, here's your chance 🙂


  5. Hey Seph,

    Kudos on TimeTrack. I find it to be very useful (slightly more than the overpriced TimePost). A few remarks, if I may:

    – after pressing login (with wrong details), if you change the values and press login again, the "processing circle" in the top right never disappears
    – "report" should reset the timer
    – sometimes to-dos aren't updated properly. Changing projects doesn't help

  6. Thank you for the comment. You are not the first one to suggest the timer should reset, so I'll include it in the next release.

    If the spinner incorrectly spins, then press CMD+R, then it should twirl and reload the widget.

  7. This is a terrific app, thanks. Two suggestions:

    1. Show the version number somewhere in the widget, so I know for sure if I have the latest.

    2. Round off the time when I click the report button, without requiring me to select the time field and press the up arrow. I almost always forget. 🙂

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