jEdit makes major release for first time in 5 years

jedit128For the first time in over 5 years a major release will be made to jEdit! Alan Ezust has now committed a change that makes the next release version 4.3.0. With a new visual look, better platform support, many more features and much improved performance I can safely say that it's a great release and much welcomed!

When I discovered jEdit back in 2002/2003 I was happy to see that there was finally an editor that met all my weird needs and supported all the platforms I was using. I felt that my search for an editor was over…

4 years later I joined the team. I switched to Mac when I started my company, a digital agency, and since then I've been trying to contribute as much as I can. First I refreshed the visual look of jEdit. Then I made random contributions and lastly I joined the core developers and developed the new Mac OS X plugin that supports the new 64bit JVM Apple has in store for Java 1.6.

I've been very close to giving up as a contributor on jEdit due to the lack of stable releases. It seemed that there was no filter or release plan to keep the project moving forward in an organised manner. This has been a concern for many users and been a long discussion on the mailing list. Today I talked to Alan about this and he made the final decision. One small commit for him, but a milestone for jEdit.


2 thoughts on “jEdit makes major release for first time in 5 years”

  1. We could also have a new post intitled: Seph Soliman make a major update of its blog posting something within 1 month.

  2. Also seems they broke more things with the final than the pre18. You have a zillion pre releases and still break shit. did nobody qa/test the final at all?? buggy 🙁 and I love jedit but damn this is a bad release

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