IE8 being pushed to Windows XP?

ies4osxCould it be?

Has Microsoft forcibly started pushing IE8 to Windows XP machines via Windows Update?

As cruel as it might sound the user still has an opt-out choice when security updates are available. The spreading of IE8 could mean a quicker death of IE6 which is good for everyone except for those corporate IT admins clinging to their installation-images with IE6 as default. Die, clingy corporate admins, die!

I'm carefully excited.

2 thoughts on “IE8 being pushed to Windows XP?”

  1. Bruce, IE8 is generally a much better browser. It still lacks tons of technical features like HTML5 video tag, CSS3 effects so it's still years behind any other major browser. That said, IE8 is finally a browser to take serious. IE6 marketshare in Denmark is now below 15% nationwide.

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