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Oister.dk Data Usage, The Google Chrome extension

Recently I switched to carrier to Oister to get cheaper prices, but still get to useĀ 3's network.

However, with cheaper prices often less functionality follows. In my case I've got a limit of 5 GB data usage per month which should be fine. But actually knowing how much data I use is still better but Oister doesn't provide the total usage amount, just how much you've used on each connection.

So I wrote a small Chrome Extension to counter this. Go to "Forbrug" and expand the "XXX gange Data" row. It will then show a green bar for each usage compared to your total use, and in the top it will display your total use, in megabytes.

Install now

Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor

Most developers at some point needs to construct a WYSIWYG [What You See Is What You Get] textarea for customers that aren't familiar with HTML.

Internet Explorer provides such an editor just by adding the shorthand attribute contenteditable to a div tag but this is considered an ugly approach which is for internet-explorer only, and non-standard, and often people are forced to use "forumcode" or to give up.

A long time ago I though it must be possible to write a javascript WYSIWYG editor but it was never more than an idea.

It seems someone has realized that idea, and made /very/ easy embeddable editor. There are a few out there, but the ones I know of are:

[www.fckeditor.com] – – Very complete WYSIWYG editor with support for forms which is sometimes needed for a CMS.
[tinymce.moxiecode.com] – As the name states – a tiny editor, very compact and a bit faster to load than FCKeditor