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Running jEdit on Mac with Java 6 SE

modifications in Finder

Apple recently released Java 6 SE through a Java update. With the release of Java 6 Mac users can now enjoy better OS X integration besides the many other improvements in Java 6.

Using Java 6 as the default JVM has implications with a standard jEdit installation on Mac. But the solution is simple…

Being a jEdit user I was eager to try out the new JVM version to see if there were any general improvements.
Since Mac users has gone long without proper OS integration, one jEdit developer (Kris Kopicki) decided to fix this with a Mac OS X plugin that included many small improvements.
With the new update Apple has completely removed the cocoa API (packages in com.apple.cocoa). The result: jEdit will fail to start with Java 6 SE.

jEdit will simply "bounce" once and then quit. This is caused by a fatal exception during startup.

The fix is simple: Remove the Mac OS X plugin.

With the improved cocoa/mac support many of the features in the plugin are unncessesary. Key-mappings are improved to use the CMD-buttons in all textareas and the menubar is now moved to the actual Mac menubar.

How to remove the plugin:

  • Right click/CTRL+click the jEdit application icon
  • Choose "Show Package Contents"
  • Go to the Contents/Java/jars folder
  • Delete the MacOS.jar file (you may need to authenticate to do this)

modifications in Finder

Launching jEdit with Java 6 SE should now be possible. Alternatively to setting Java 6 SE as your standard JVM you can set the Contents/Info.plist file property: "Root/Java/JVMVersion" to "1.6+" instead of "1.5+". Either way should work.

Java doubleclick time in X.org/XFree86

The doubleclick time in Java applications should be read from GTK or KDE settings, but aren't.
I had this problem since I use Gnome 2.10.2 on Debian. Sun has a bugreport on this.

The solution is to add the following to ~/.Xdefaults:

*.multiClickTime: 500

and run:

xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults

to merge the newly created settings into the running X server. Settings will apply at next Java app. startup.

You can replace 500 with a number in milliseconds that you wish to set the doubleclick time(out) to.

The Java Runtime Environment cannot be loaded from <\bin\server\jvm.dll>

The problems are caused by your old java installation, even if you uninstalled at some point. There are configuration files from your old installation lieing around that you need to get rid of to fix this problem.

Delete this folder:
C:Documents and Settings<your username>Application DataSun

When java sees the folder is missing, it will automaticly re-create a fresh configuration for you.