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IE8 RC1 announced. Silent cheers seem too loud.

IE8 RC1 has been anounced but where are the joyful cheers and the popping champagne?

First, IE6 is still big
Well we still have IE6 to support with and since they decided not to support any new CSS3 features at all we still lack being able to make a modern site without the use filters (something as simple as the opacity property is still missing).

Second, IE7 spread slowly
We're still waiting for customers to take IE7 more seriously than IE6. In Denmark the tendency is still not leaning enough toward IE7. Knowing how long it took for IE7 to spread we can expect at least 3-4 years before IE8 reaches the same level as IE7.

Third, A new browser to support
IE8 introduces more IE-specific selectors which mean making opacity and fading effects now requires more lines of code. Good thing we got jQuery to do that ūüėČ

But on the bright side IE8 will support CSS2.1 completely. This means that Microsoft will hopefully dedicate more time on bugfixing. IE8 is definitely a step forward but Firefox 2.0 would still be considered leaps ahead compared.

Radio button invisible when printing from web with XP theming enabled


If you print to a PDF file first, the graphics for the radiobutton will be vectorized. Printing the PDF will thus make the radiobuttons visible but is sometimes not an option for corporate solutions. Disabling the XP theme all together (and choosing Windows Classic) will elminate this problem, but may not be doable in all situations.

Another user has this problem but without luck


Apply a 0px solid transparent border to all radiobuttons. This will make IE remove the theme from the radiobutton and revert it to a standard/windows classic appearance that is suitable for printing.