Tango icon set for jEdit

The patch has been merged with the trunk (svn) version of jEdit and will be available as of jEdit 4.3pre14.

The following screenshots and icons are work in progress for a patch to give jedit a modern icon set and professionel feel out-of-the-box.

Icons may appear with alpha transparency. Internet Explorer 6 users: upgrade your browser.

Screenshot comparison

With patch


Without patch



If you'd like to preview you may Download a build (approx 4 MB).

Customized icons

Old New Description
Find again Find again Toolbar icon: Find again
Split view horisontal Split view horisontal Split view vertical
Split view horisontal Split view horisontal Split view horisontal
Unsplit view Unsplit view Unsplit view
Find in Directory Find in Directory Find/Search in Directory
Unmodified buffer Unmodified buffer Buffertabs: Unmodified buffer icon
Modified buffer Modified buffer Buffertabs: Modified buffer icon
Parse document Parse document Parse document
Page setup Page setup Page/Printer setup
Plugin Plugin (Load) Plugin (base icon)

Tangofied jEdit logo

Windows and Linux icons
16×16 (noalpha) 16×16 22×22 48×48 128×128 Vector
Mac OS X icons
16×16 32×32 128×128 Vector

Creative Commons License
jEdit icons by Seph M. Soliman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

6 thoughts on “Tango icon set for jEdit”

  1. This looks great! I really appreciate the effort you have put into this.

    jEdit is a superb(!!!) editor, but it (and it website..) badly needs a face lift to make it look like something that was made in this century…

  2. It may be possible to apply the patch to the stable source branch. I havn't tried but if the invovled code hasn't changed much it should be possible.

    Follow the link to the bug tracker and apply the attached patch to a source download from sf.net of jedit.


  3. I've just installed the pre14 release and was pleasantly surprised by this new option. Great, I thought now I don't have to install icon sets to a system level directory (or edit the jedit.jar).

    But now my old icon sets don't work at all. Specifically I'd like to get the OSXTurdheadIconPack set working. What conversion steps are needed? How do I create a new Icon set from an old .jar file? Do I just redo the directory layout to mimc the new layout or will code changes be necessary?


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