Dell Inspiron media buttons Winamp plugin

media buttons on inspiron 8600


Plugin intended for use in Winamp 2/5 on many Dell laptops to make use of the built-in media buttons.

The buttons are by default only functional in Windows Media Player.

A similar plugin was already created by WhitSoft but it was intended for Inspiron 8000 and 8100.

I altered the source-code to work for Inspiron 8600, but it turned out to work for other models (list shown below)

Known supported Dell models:

  • Inspiron 1420
  • Inspiron 1520
  • Inspiron 1525
  • Inspiron 1720
  • Inspiron 6000
  • Inspiron 6400
  • Inspiron 8500
  • Inspiron 8600
  • Inspiron 9100
  • Inspiron 9200
  • Inspiron 9300
  • Inspiron 9400
  • Inspiron E1505
  • Inspiron E1705
  • Inspiron 630m
  • Inspiron 640m
  • XPS Gen 1
  • XPS Gen 2
  • XPS Gen M170
  • XPS Gen M140
  • XPS Gen M1210
  • XPS Gen M1710
  • XPS Gen M1730
  • Studio XPS series
  • Precision M90
  • Vostro 1500, 1510, 1700, XPS M 1330

Might also work for:

  • HP DV100, DV6000, Dv6245US, DV9000 and ZD8000 series
  • Zepto Znote 6615WD

If you find it works for other models – please notify me.


Inspiron multi-series compatible:

Inspiron 8000, 8100, 8200 compatible:

56 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron media buttons Winamp plugin”

  1. Great! Now I can finally use the other 4 media buttons on my 9300 laptop.

    That saves me from extending my arm, reaching out for my mouse, opening winamp, pointing the pointer to the desired button, and click!

    many many thanks

  2. Great simple Plugin for Winamp. Just copy in Plugins directory of Winamp and voila!

    Good Job Mr. Soliman

  3. Works great!, but sadly the buttons dont work when u work with different programs. well some of them, but thats a minor problem great work!!! Dont like to use media player…so thanks a bunch for the awesome work.

  4. It worked! I cannot believe it worked! Thank you so much!
    To those wondering, just unzip all files from both "Download dll" and "Download source" related to your respective Inspiron version into C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins
    This works like a charm!

  5. You can add Dell Inspiron 1525 to your list.
    I was already starting to fear I might have to resort to using windows media player, but your sweet dll has delivered me from such evil.

    Thanks a lot.

  6. You can add the Dell Vostro 1510 notebook becauses it works perfect on this laptop too.

  7. After I tried the plugin for my Inspiron 1525, I also tried it on my PC with a Sweex KB050US keyboard (a keyboard with media buttons which operate with WMP, not with Winamp) and it works great!!! I cannot say whether this plugin will work with every keyboard with media buttons for WMP, but is at least worth to try! Many thanks!!!

  8. Hi. I'm using a Dell laptop 1720 and Winamp 5.4 and it works just how I like it. Interestingly, the buttons only control Winamp from now on, yeah so other media players even in the foreground do not respond. Okay. I suppose you wrote the code that way. I like it. Thanks.

  9. hey dude, i tried your winamp pkugin on ma inspiron 1520 and it worked! big thanks to you my friend, it helps me out alot. and im sure it would work on other dells like 1525 because its almost the same.

  10. After getting sick of having to open winamp to change songs, i found this driver and it works perfect. Thank you so much!!!

    BTW i'm using Dell Inspiron 1520

  11. Wow, this is great. Work with my Quick Lunch buttons and Remote. I found this accidenttly while I've been searching some program to control winamp. Greatings from Poland

  12. work's just fine on my dell inspiron 1520, thx. You just have to copy/paste the driver on c:/program files/winamp/plugin .

  13. YES.
    Theres ia a way to activate the Dell Media buttons to work with Winamp. In preferences –> Global Hotkeys. Enable the first option and they shoudl actomatically work or you could configure them.
    Winamp that has this option downloaded 1-oct-2008

  14. I tried the suggestion as listed previously that winamp supports the buttons without any update. I found that it almost does. The buttons work, but will ignore buttons if pressed before aprox 5 – 10 seconds after previous (sometimes not even then)… The same issues happened with the Whitsoft original plugin.
    This version works perfectly…. thanks.

  15. yayyyyyyyy it works thx so much . can any1 help me to fix the volume buttons they still dont work plzzzzzzzzz help thx

  16. Thanks so much! Works on the Dell Inspiron 13 🙂
    Just a heads up, it won't work with other WMP when Winamp is open. But I like it that way.

  17. Awesome! It works perfectly on the Studio XPS 16. Even when winamp is not selected. Just what I was looking for. Thanks a million, you rock!

  18. Exactly what I was looking for. Can also confirm this works with Studio XPS 16 and the latest version of Winamp!

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