C# Strategy Game using Direct3D






For a school project I made a very small proof of concept game in the strategy genre.

The assigntment was to prove my programming skills and understanding of C#.

Source code

The game is written in C# and uses Direct 3D.
You should download the latest DirectX SDK for C# before attempting to make such programs.

Resources are NOT included due to bandwidth, so you will not be able to actually run the program, since it will be missing resources such as animations and sounds.

I used the A* (A-star) algorithm for pathfinding, but sadly I didn't have the time to make it bugfree. The last two squares of any move isn't optimal. Collision detection is implemented.


The software is released under the terms of the
GNU General Public License (GNU GPL).


Download source

One thought on “C# Strategy Game using Direct3D”

  1. nice!

    though i still would like to run it 🙂

    can you provide me exact steps which mixfile extractor you used to extract the resources from red alert to get the required filenames?

    or i also would be happy if you would provide the ressources for download.
    for the bandwith thing, you could just create a file at rapidshare…. (which wouldnt hold long, granted).
    if you have concerns about copyright, you might or might not know: red alert has been released as freeware recently (and sourcecode became public some years ago).

    maybe you are interested in this project (or you might already know it):

    though its native C++.

    i found a project on sourceforge of somebody doing a .NET mixfile extractor a while ago. he mentioned he thought about making a .NET port of C&C one day…. but i dont find the link anymore.

    best bytes!


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